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About Alyssa





I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon

and have been taking photos since I can remember. My dad and aunt were both photography teachers and taught me manual settings when I was in high school. Since I was 18, I have run my own business and worked 3 different photojournalism jobs.

I went to college at Gonzaga University where I studied business and played D1 volleyball. I am now back in Portland getting my masters in Sports Product Management. Photography is my creative outlet that allows me to pursue my artistic side and connect with others.

My photography philosophy

As a photographer with experience working with over 170 senior clients, I believe that 80% of my job is making you feel confident and having fun to produce the most authentic images to YOU. My #1 priority when working with a client is helping direct and pose them, ever thought while taking photos "what do I do with my hands?" If you shoot with me I will guide you through the entire session and show you your images as we go along so you can make sure you're loving them. When you hire me this is YOUR session, you can do whatever you want - a champagne or sparkling cider pop, bring your pet, change into a pink cap and gown, etc.

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